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Building Blocks for Brilliant Minds

Foundations First specializes in elevating students' proficiency in reading, writing, and math within the elementary age group.

Elementary student engaged in reading practice with a tutor. Excited student learning to read with focused instruction. Reading session aimed at improving literacy skills.

What is Provided

Placement Assessment

A placement assessment ensures that students are precisely matched to academic programs tailored to their unique knowledge and skills.

Customized Lessons

Lessons are meticulously crafted to cater directly to each student's unique needs, laying strong foundations and nurturing personalized growth.

Homework Help

Designed to facilitate academic excellence, Homework Help delivers tailored support, ensuring students master assignments with precision and confidence.

get to know me

My name is Geena James

With a rich background of 8 years in teaching, I have successfully covered a spectrum of grade levels from Transitional Kindergarten to fifth grade. My commitment extends beyond the curriculum; I am passionate about unlocking the full potential of each student.


By leveraging my extensive experience, curated resources, and a steadfast dedication to education, I am here to guide your child on a journey of not just academic growth but also personal development.

I specialize in creating tailored lessons that cater to individual learning styles, conducting small group sessions to encourage collaborative learning, and offering one-on-one tutoring for personalized homework assistance.


Together, we can work towards boosting your child's confidence, enhancing their intellectual capabilities, and building the endurance needed for success in elementary school and beyond. Let's embark on this educational journey, ensuring a foundation that sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning and achievement.

Geena James - Experienced elementary teacher/tutor in San Diego. Empowering Students to Succeed in Reading, Writing, and Math.

What people say

"It has been a pleasure having Ms. James as my son's kindergarten teacher. Her dedication to my son’s education has made him read books and write full paragraphs at five years old. His favorite lessons are the word songs she teaches him, which he sings daily. I appreciate how much Ms. James communicates with me on the ClassDojo App. Specifically when he hurt himself and had an issue with a classmate. She will also share weekly photos, and updates which puts me at ease while I am at work."

Kat B.

Parent of Kindergarten Student

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